Top 5 Legitimate Credit Repair Companies of 2017 Reviews, BBB and Ratings!

These are the top rated Credit repair agencies in the USA, along with many more coming as we find them and update the list. We’ve gone through an extensive review of which ones you should try out and how much they will cost you monthly.

Some of these prices may fluctuate at any time without notice – we recommend you verify all pricing before signing up. Before choosing which company to go for, please read all the reviews below and understand why its so important to choose a legit company to work with. There are many fly by night companies and some of them will rip you off. These actually do work and will help you raise your scores tremendously!

Here’s a list of the top Credit Repair Companies of 2017:

RatingCompanyPricing/MonthMoney-Back Guarantee or NOT?
1.Lexington Law$79/monthMoney-Back Guarantee
2.Sky Blue Credit Repair$59/MonthN/A
3.The Credit People$40/MonthMoney-Back Guarantee$99/MonthN/A
5.Ovation Credit Services$69/MonthMoney-Back Guarantee